The UMD-DYSF mutational database

The UMD-DYSF Locus-Specific Database has been compiled to provide up-to-date information about disease-causing mutations of the DYSF gene in humans. It aims to make the information readily accessible to anyone interested in the genetic variations of the DYSF gene, and to provide an easy way for those who investigate these variations to report their most recent findings. It includes:

Interactive analysis of disease-causing mutation statistics and distribution
Bioinformatics tools for the interpretation of novel variants

The UMD-DYSF is very flexible for the development of novel tools, based on questions arising in the research field. It is mainly dedicated to geneticists and researchers and is only available in English.

Publication: Blandin et al., UMD-DYSF, A Novel Locus Specific Database for the Compilation and Interactive Analysis of Mutations in the Dysferlin Gene, Hum Mutat. 2012 Mar;33(3):E2317-31.